Fishing Seminars

Great Lakes trolling Seminars.

Offered by Captain Mike Boyd of Coldwater Charters.

Great Lakes Salmon Seminars 2004

We are now offering Great Lakes trolling seminars at the port of St. Joseph on Lake Michigan. We had 3 seminars in each of the past 3 years and they went over great!!! We have several sponsors that have jumped on the bandwagon to help out to offset the original fee's of the seminar which is good. These sponsors are makers of products I use day in and day out. Each participant will receive at the end of the day a variety of Great Lakes gear.

Here's some past participants.

Schedule of events;

#1 Orientation; 6:00 to 6:30 AM. Get familiar with other participants and Capt Mike. Kind of a get know each other and expectations of the seminar. Pick up food and drinks at the deli across from the boat which is part of the fee's. 

#2 Boat Safety. Go over a general format on safety and first aid issues. Fueling, launching your boat, bilge pump lights, running lights. PFD's, throw ring, water light, Marine radio emergency channels, Anchor rope lengths, sea Anchors and more... This will just take a few minutes but I feel very strong about keeping safety a high priority with all fisherman and boater of any kind. General courtesy of others while on the lake.

#3 Navigation, Navigating by compass, GPS, and operating in high seas. Safety issues to keep in mind while underway.

#4 Knots. the basic Knots you will need to know for trolling on Lake Michigan. 

#5 Down to business of catching fish. First and foremost previous days weather and wind. What will it do to the Lake and a general idea of where to look for fish under a given circumstance.

#6 Looking for the optimum temperatures, what electronics that will help you locate the best area to start fishing. Surface and down temps. 

#7 Gaining the edge... Trolling Speed and direction. How currents effect what presentation the fish like to see and the easiest for them to attack. 

#8 Lure selection and why.  Spoons, Dodger fly, squid and spoon combinations. Stick baits and body baits.

#9 Hands on, setting up different fishing programs. From surface fishing to the deepest set ups you need on the Great Lakes. Down riggers, lead drops, dipsies, lead core, in-line planer boards, Stacking small diver on the riggers.

#10 Going over gear and terminal tackle and a general open discussion on the days activities. This will be after the last program is set and we will then be fishing for Fun.

#11 Back dockside between 4 and 5 PM

#12 Hopefully cleaning some beautiful Lake Michigan fish. Again today's trip is not about catching fish today, but what will help you catch more fish consistently more often.

#13 Tackle Haven, discount for all that participate in the seminar of 10% off....

#14 A much deserved sit down dinner at the Babes Lounge that is part of the fee's.



*Tackles Haven


*Moor Electronics

Seminar Dates

The following dates were chosen to optimize the wide array of trolling options that you'll need to be consistent fishing the Great Lakes.

*Monday June 7th, 2004 

*Monday July 12th, 2004

*Monday August 2nd, 2004

Sign up today and learn the skills that help me put fish in the box on a consistent basis for my clients.

Contact info Email me @

PH# 517-617-0282 Captain Mike Boyd of Coldwater Charters

Seminar fee's 

$200.00 per person a $100.00 deposit will hold your spot.

This includes the seminar itself which is all done on my boat while on the water trolling on Lake Michigan. These trips last from 10 to 11 hours.  This was a crowd pleaser after a long day on the lake. As soon as the fish are cleaned  [hopefully] we set down to a great dinner and discuss the days activities and I can answer any other questions that may come up.

Mail Deposit to;

Mike Boyd
452 Tripp Rd
Coldwater MI , 49036


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